Laura Knowles, Ph.D

Hi! Thanks for visiting. 

I decided to create this website for my clients, students, patients and colleagues to utilize as a central resource for additional questions about what I do and how I use psychology to help others. I hope you find it helpful and most of all, I hope you come to realize that psychology is not a mysterious science utilized by 'shrinks' to diagnose the mentally disturbed, but a broad field of study holding insights that can be applied to each of us and help us experience more efficient, meaningful, fulfilling, and peaceful lives.  With a PhD in Psychology I do many things, wear many different hats and use my knowledge in many different ways. 

I am now offering evaluations for individuals or families  in need of an Emotional Support Animal or documentation concerning their existing animal(s). An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is not a therapy dog or cat, nor is it a service animal, like a seeing eye-dog.  This is a designation used for the purpose of housing and living arrangements for those individuals with diagnosed emotional or mental difficulties.  If you would like to set up an appointment for ESA evaluation please contact my office at 972-885-6435 or email me directly at